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Advantages of Pet Boarding

Advantages of Pet Boarding

Leaving your pet with someone else while you're away can be scary. But there are many benefits to your pet when you board your pet. Today, our Cleveland vets will explain the advantages of pet boarding.

Physical and Social Stimulation

When you choose to use a border, you will also know that your pet will get the physical and social stimulation that they need to remain healthy and happy.

Most pet boarders will have facilities such as fields or yards, climbing towers, and walkways, all of which will keep your pet’s mind and body busy. 

By taking your pet to a boarding facility, you’ll ensure your pet is provided with regular interaction. The extra fuss and care are particularly important for pets that are prone to separation anxiety!

Expert Care and Immediate Medical Attention

When you have to leave your pet you want to know your pet is well taken care of by the best people possible. That's why many people choose to board their pets at Mt. Yonah Animal Hospital. Our facilities are staffed by experienced veterinary professionals who can provide comprehensive care for all kinds of animals.

In addition to basic needs like food and water, pets at Mt. Yonah Animal Hospital will also receive regular exercise, socialization, and any necessary medical treatment. As a result, pet owners can rest assured that their animals will be in good hands while they're away.


Pet boarding facilities at Mt. Yonah Animal Hospital are built with animal safety in mind, so you’ll be able to leave knowing your pet is unlikely to escape onto the streets! We take extra precautions to ensure the safety of your pets too.

Pet boarding offers many benefits, we remember that all pets are different and have their own unique needs.

Pet boarding could be perfect for one animal, but not for another. Be sure to do your research in advance to ensure you pick the right type of care for your pet.

More Resources

Our veterinary boarding facilities are veterinary clinics with a diagnostic lab and are staffed by veterinary technicians and have access to veterinary resources, such as x-ray machines and lab equipment.

Veterinary boarding facilities may be a good option for pets with special needs or for owners who want their pets to receive veterinary care while they are away.

Costs Are Up Front

When it comes to pet boarding the costs are upfront. You will know how much each day will cost and how much each service costs. Nothing extra will be added unless requested by you the pet owner.

If you are considering leaving your pet and are interested in boarding your pet, please contact our Cleveland vets right away for more information.

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Mt. Yonah Animal Hospital is accepting new patients! Our experienced vets are passionate about the health of Cleveland companion animals. Get in touch today to book your pet's first appointment.

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